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About Us

ChevyAvalancheClub.com is a community created for Chevy Avalanche owners nationwide. Founded in September 2006, the site remains free to use with no dues or initiation of any kind. We have to thank our members for making this site such a great place to hang out and meet new people!
Come join us at one of our many events. We provide a place to organize group meets in your area, special events and host of a great wealth of information related to the Chevy Avalanche. Our goal is to create a positive environment where owners can improve their experience and have fun at the same time.
Club Meets

Should I come to a meet?
Absolutely. We love meeting new people with their Chevy Avalanche truck! With that said, yes you should come to a club meet. But first please note the following:
  • Please don't come out to show off.
  • Don't be shy! Make some new friends, we don't bite ;)
Everyone is expected to drive at their own pace. Never try to keep up with another driver if he/she is faster than you, it can only cause an incident which no one will appreciate. But don't worry, you're not going to get left behind because we will always wait at the nearest junction!

Obey the Law!
Try to refrain from speeding or drawing attention to yourself or the group, always stay behind the group leader, and of course... no hot-doggin'!

Welcome to ChevyAvalancheClub.com Community,
The CAC Team
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