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Author Topic: Used 2002-06 CHEVY AVALANCHE SNUGTOP SNUG TOP XUV COVER  (Read 21277 times)

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« Reply #10 on: August 30, 2008, 03:31:52 pm »
If you are going to buy one of those why not just buy a suburban instead. Just my  2cents

Many people don't utilize the midgate/removable back glass or use the box/bed as a true pick-up truck. Myself I have an AV-tent I have rarely used. We have members that have totally compromised the utility of the truck by putting gargantuan speaker systems in place of the midgate. To each his own.

I have 25K on my paid-for '04 AV, turning it into a semi-suburban would be cheaper than buying a suburban if I was going to utilize my truck in that fashion. Some people like the way a SnugTop looks, who am I to fault them when I paid $600 for a Goodmark ram-air style cowl hood and another $600 to get it painted ? I also put black AR Teflon wheels on with new rubber and sold my stock wheels for dirt cheap. My mods for looks serve secondary purposes but main reason I paid $$$ was to look different.

I get cheers & jeers on my truck mods, will hand them back out free of charge too.



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